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Global Visas

Global Visas

As markets have expanded and opened throughout the world, global mobility is critical to a company’s success. We have a global network of professionals that can ease this process for you.

As markets have expanded and opened throughout the world, global mobility is critical to a company’s success. Whether your organization has offices and/or customers outside the United States, Jackson & Hertogs recognizes that you require global immigration services for the international relocation and movement of your employees to and from all parts of the world. We will advise, consult and work with you to plan and facilitate all aspects of obtaining visitor visas, entry clearance, work authorization and permanent residence for your employees to countries around the world. We provide a single point of contact for global immigration services.

We partner with foreign law firms and immigration service providers throughout the world to provide quality service and seamless movement of your personnel for international relocations and business trips. We structure our services flexibly in response to your needs. We will liaise and work directly with your U.S. offices and/or we will provide advice and services to your organization’s affiliate in the target country and keep you apprised of the case status. We also will liaise directly with employees who need visas for international business travel or work authorization for international relocation.

Jackson & Hertogs employs a web-based system that provides secure worldwide access, online document management and 24/7 access. We can adjust the level of access to our case management system according to an individual’s level of authorization. HRs may be authorized to monitor case status and/or to initiate new cases through the web. Employees may complete questionnaires online and upload copies of documents assured that their personal data remains safe. Our case management system can create reports to track your global immigration cases by country, process and expiration date. We create specific country processes with the list of required documents and interim work-flow steps. These work-flow steps are visible to you 24/7.


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